Rosario Olivas is a litigation lawyer and law professor. She goes by the philosophy that the best way to win a case is to prevent it.

Rosario Olivas, also known as Chato, has handled a variety of cases and matters since she started her law practice in 1988.

These include child custody, support and visitation; legal separation, annulment and declaration of nullity of marriage; guardianship, correction of entries in the civil registry, change of name, and settlement of estate.

Her practice also includes the legal aspects of human resource management such as employee discipline and dismissal, review and formulation of company codes of discipline, review of human resource contracts such as employment agreements and independent contractors’ agreements.

She also handles cases for persons with disability, so that their right of access to justice can be made real under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability

Other than teaching in law schools, she also lectures on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education courses as well as various seminars.

She does all these because she believes that laws and rules are instruments that can make life better when rights and obligations are clear, when rights are protected, and when people are empowered with legal knowledge. For her, people should be empowered with enough legal knowledge so that they can make informed decisions.

Chato is married to businessman Felino L. Quinto, Jr. She has two young adult sons Jeremiah and Raphael, and enjoys music, writing and painting for leisure.

Practice Areas

  • Marriage and Family Law
  • Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management
  • Change of Name, Correction of Entries, Settlement of Estate
  • Disability Law